Niels van den Berg

Niels van den Berg

Digital Business Director, Country Digitization Acceleration, Cisco EMEA

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With over 26 years of experience in IT Niels van den Berg currently serves as a Business Development Director in Cisco's Global Country Digitial Acceleration (CDA) program. In this role today, he is responsible for collaboratively with customers and partners build Digital Strategy establishing innovation in a Countries National Critical Infrastructure for Cisco, with a primary focus on innovation and replicabilion of lighthouse projects, for example the Port of Rotterdam.

Especially where critical infrastructures find strength across multiple domains and cross national borders, there is a need to digitize in a way this covers both capabilities as well as governance, security, and auditability on the data. For this reason, Niels is responsible for the orchestration of critical infrastructure digitization across the EMEA region.

He has a rich background in making complex projects work, conceptual acceptance of Digital Twin as a goal and the route towards it. Innovation delivery and projects being worked on typically include operational excellence, the transformation towards a Digital Twin, standardization to work better together, energy transition, Connected Mobility Solutions like Digitisation in Ports, Roads and Utilities. Where common ground is Security, Trust and Authenticity, especially while the county's infrastructures are directly related to GDP.

In that capacity, Niels has found, build, and coordinated the implementation of innovative programs that address the ways we work, live, play and learn within the context of Digitization.
The transformation of infrastructure parties. Making them individually or as a collective, more resilient to digital threats, is keeping Niels busy daily.



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